RoadSave’s fines and license assist services makes renewing your vehicle license and monitoring your traffic fines easy and hassle-free. Benefit from our negotiation skills to receive discounts on outstanding traffic fines and receive regular updates. Or use us to renew your vehicle license in a few simple steps and have it delivered to your door in no time!


Receive regular updates and discounts on your traffic fines.
Simply register with RoadSave to be notified of your outstanding traffic fines.
Save up to 20% when we settle fines on your behalf.
Easy, convenient and hassle free.
Renew your vehicle license in a few simple steps.
We’ll conveniently deliver your license disc to your nearest Pargo location.
No queues.
No paperwork.
No frustration.

Learn more about our subscription plans or explore the RoadSave Membership Handbook.

License Renewal Terms

Currently we only make provision for vehicles registered and licensed in the Gauteng Province, other provinces will follow in the near future.

The user agrees that all information provided is true and correct and done with the sole permission of the registered owner of the vehicle. RoadSave and/or their partners will not be held responsible or take responsibility for information that was provided incorrectly by the user.

Even though RoadSave will do its utmost best to assist with the license renewal, our system cannot supply the following information prior to the vehicle licence disc being renewed: Vehicle licence blocked by an AARTO enforcement order, Vehicle licence blocked by other unlicensed vehicle/s, or vehicle where CRW is required. (Roadworthy state of vehicle). 

Our system does not allow for assistance of vehicles licensed more than 5 years ago. RoadSave and/or their partners can not be held responsible if the re-issuing of your licence disc is blocked due to AARTO ENFORCEMENT ORDERS or OTHER OUTSTANDING VEHICLE LICENCES. If you are not sure if you have any outstanding ENFORCEMENT ORDERS please visit the AARTO website.

No refund can be done on a licence transaction once the licence has been processed and paid for. Accounts has to be settled in full before licence disc will be delivered. Once a licence has been processed and paid it cannot be cancelled i.r.o if the license received a disc or not, as the licence fee for the specific vehicle has been paid.

Fine Assist Terms

We will provide you with a quotation reflecting an amount which we will charge you as part of our undertaking to discharge you from your fine liability. This amount shall include both the discharge of the fine, as well as services provided by RoadSave and/or our fine processing providers as part of our undertaking to ensure such discharge. RoadSave shall benefit or incur the cost of any shortfall or surplus in the settlement amount exceeding or equal to the actual costs incurred by it in relation to your discharge of the fine liability. 

By paying the quoted amount to RoadSave, you authorise a representative of RoadSave and/or their fines processing provider to act on your behalf in relation to the fine, including to communicate with any relevant persons, and to handle the fine as RoadSave and/or its fine processing provider deems sufficient in order to discharge your liability.