We recommend that you first open the RoadSave app and check the dashboard screen for any warning messages. The RoadSave app will check device settings and make the necessary recommendations in order to improve trip monitoring. 

If you're still experiencing trip monitoring issues, please complete the following checks:

Enable Location Services and set to 'High Accuracy'

  • Your device’s Location setting must be “On.” The Android settings menu varies by device, but you can usually find Location in the Personal, Permissions, General or Privacy and Safety section.
  • Make sure you’re using the highest accuracy setting within Location, which can be done by choosing Mode > High Accuracy or by selecting “GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks” as your Locating Method.

Enable Cellular Data

Make sure that the Cellular Data or Mobile Data setting is “On.” (The location of this setting varies by device, but look for it in the Data Usage section of your device settings.)

Disable Data Saver for RoadSave

The exact setting name can vary by device and OS version, but look for phrases like "Data Saver" “Set Mobile Data Limit” and "Restrict Background Data," and make sure those settings are “Off” for data usage in the RoadSave app specifically.

Turn off App, Battery, and Memory Optimisation Settings for RoadSave

Memory boosting, Data compression, task-killing, battery-saving, anti-virus or app management apps can interfere with RoadSave. Some Android devices may have default settings enabled that terminate background apps from running after a certain amount of time in an attempt to conserve battery and improve overall performance. Settings like Battery Optimisation, Data Saver, App Power Monitor, Smart Manager, and App Standby could adversely affect trip monitoring. Please disable them (or add RoadSave to the app's whitelist or ignore list) to see if trip monitoring improves. IMPORTANT: Battery optimisation should be disabled on devices running Android 12 (or later) in order for trip monitoring to work. 

Enable Wi-Fi

Trip monitoring works best when your device has Wi-Fi enabled. Make sure that Settings > Wi-Fi is set to “On.” (Note that you must have Location Services on as well, even with Wi-Fi enabled.)

Update to the latest version of RoadSave

You’ll get optimal performance from RoadSave when running the latest version of the app. If your device is not set up for automatic app updates, you can update manually. Go to Play Store > Settings Button (at the top left) > My apps > RoadSave > Update.

Update to the latest OS version

Always ensure that you're running the latest version of your device's OS. Go to Settings > System > About Phone > System Updates.

Ensure you're logged in to the RoadSave app

Make sure you’re signed in to the RoadSave app and using the correct email address.

Microphone Access

Ensure that you grant microphone access to the RoadSave app as this influences other sensor readings which is required for Crash Alert to function correctly. 

Huawei devices

Please check out these recommendations if you have a Huawei device.