We recommend that you first open the RoadSave app and check the dashboard screen for any warning messages. The RoadSave app will check device settings and make the necessary recommendations in order to improve trip monitoring. 

If you're still experiencing trip monitoring issues, please complete the following checks:

Enable Location Services and set to 'Always'

  • Setting your device's locations services for "While Using" for RoadSave will prevent automatic trip monitoring in the background. Make sure your Location Services are set to "Always" for automatic trip monitoring.
  • If you periodically see the prompt "RoadSave has been using your location in the background. Do you want to continue allowing this?" be sure to choose “Continue” for RoadSave to keep monitoring your trips.
  • On iOS 13 (and later versions), select 'Allow while using App' when first launching the app. A popup will appear in due course, asking if RoadSave is allowed to access your location, even when not using the app - please select 'Change to Always Allow'.

Enable Motion & Fitness

Trip monitoring will not work on devices that does not support Motion & Fitness. On iOS 11 (and later versions), Motion & Fitness has to be enabled in order for trip monitoring to work. Confirm that Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > RoadSave > is set to “On”.

Enable Cellular Data

  • Confirm that Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data is set to “On” and that Settings > Cellular > RoadSave is set to “On”.

Enable Background Refresh for RoadSave

Confirm that Settings > General > Background App Refresh > RoadSave is set to “On”.

  • It's recommended to open the RoadSave app every few days to ensure trip monitoring isn't being shut down unknowingly by a third-party battery/memory optimisation app.

Do not force quit RoadSave

Force-quitting happens when you manually close the RoadSave app via one of these methods (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201330) or use a battery/memory boosting app that disables background processes. Since RoadSave monitors trips in the background, force-quitting manually or with another app prevents trip monitoring from functioning properly.

Although RoadSave is designed to restart automatically, this can be blocked by some older versions of iOS. 

  • Make sure RoadSave has been re-opened after being force-quit.

Enable Wi-Fi

Trip monitoring works best when your device has Wi-Fi enabled. Make sure that Settings > Wi-Fi is set to “On.” (Note that you must have Location Services on as well, even with Wi-Fi enabled.)

Update to the latest version of RoadSave

You’ll get optimal performance from RoadSave when running the latest version of the app. If your device is not set up for automatic app updates, you can update manually. Go to the App Store > Updates > RoadSave > Update.

Update to the latest OS version

Always ensure that you're running the latest version of your device's OS. Go to your device's Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install.

Ensure you're logged in to the RoadSave app 

Make sure you’re signed in to the RoadSave app and using the correct email address.