What is Accident Cover?

Personal accident cover is essential in South Africa, mainly because of the high number of accidents on the roads. South Africa has one of the highest road accident rates globally, and the roads can be quite dangerous due to factors such as poor road conditions, reckless driving, and drunk driving. 

Personal accident cover provides financial protection to you and your family in the event of an accident resulting in injury, disability, or death. The cover can help with medical expenses, loss of income, and other expenses associated with an accident.

Personal accident cover can provide assistance and support in these situations, giving you and your family peace of mind. In summary, personal accident cover is a good idea in South Africa due to the high number of road accidents and the associated risks. It can provide financial protection and assistance in the event of an accident, making it an essential investment for your safety on the roads.

RoadSave Protect

At RoadSave, our focus is clear — we're in the business of saving our clients cash on insurance while offering robust protection. 


Quick Payouts for Immediate Relief

RoadSave Protect is designed to pay out within 24 hours upon the successful submission of claim forms & death Certificate, providing immediate relief for our clients during challenging times.

Accident Cover with No Waiting Period

We understand that accidents can happen unexpectedly. RoadSave Protect offers accident cover with no waiting period, ensuring our clients are protected from day one.

Staggered Payments for Peace of Mind

After three months, coverage extends to include natural death with staggered payments. In the unfortunate event of passing away by natural causes, 50% of the sum assured is paid out at three months, 80% at nine months, and the full amount after 12 months.

Designed for Immediate Expenses

RoadSave Protect isn't just about protection; it's about covering immediate expenses. This includes funeral arrangements, ensuring the family has funds to continue, and addressing any excess on other claims.

Product Features

Inclusive Age Range
RoadSave Protect is accessible to a broad age range, starting from 18 years old up to 60 years old. We believe in offering protection at every stage of life.
Flexible Sum Assured Options
Clients can choose a sum assured amount that suits their needs, starting from a minimum of R50,000 up to an impressive R1 million. This flexibility ensures tailored coverage for individual circumstances.
Simple Medical Underwriting
For sums assured up to R100,000, no medical questions are asked. However, for amounts beyond R100,000, clients can still benefit from RoadSave Protect by answering a straightforward set of 12 medical questions.
Guaranteed R100,000 Coverage
Even if a client does not qualify for sums beyond R100,000 due to medical reasons, they can still secure a guaranteed R100,000 coverage, ensuring everyone can benefit from RoadSave Protect.

At RoadSave Protect, we believe in providing not just insurance, but a complete peace of mind process. 

The Insurer

Underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited, a licensed life insurer | Reg No 1997/008994/06

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