We originally performed crash detection testing in partnership with TASS International in Helmond, The Netherlands. In 2018, we concluded an agreement with the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), which now allows us to perform crash detection testing locally. 

Our Quality Assurance process requires that all new versions of the Android and iOS app, which include changes to the Crash Alert algorithms, first has to undergo and successfully pass, crash detection tests prior to being released to the respective app stores. During our crash detection tests, we place a variety of Android and Apple smartphones in various positions on a crash test dummy. A crash test is then performed, with the impact generating no less than 30 g. These SABS tests are normally performed to test restraint systems eg safety-belts for occupants of power-driven vehicles. The sensor data of the smartphones are stored and analysed by our engineers in order to improve our Crash Alert algorithms.

PLEASE NOTE: During crash detection tests, we simulate a "Serious Car Crash" as per our definition: an incident whereby i) the Car has come to a complete standstill immediately post impact and the Car is impaired ii) the Member has suffered serious bodily injury resulting in incapacity iii) preventing the Member from contacting help eg emergency and/or other assistance services themselves. Please refer to When will a Crash Alert be triggered and Crash Alert Limitations for more information.

TASS International Video Footage

SABS Video Footage

SABS is a statutory body that was established in terms of the Standards Act, 1945 (Act No. 24 of 1945) and continues to operate in terms of the latest edition of the Standards Act, 2008 (Act No. 8 of 2008) as the national standardisation institution in South Africa, mandated to:

  • Develop, promote and maintain South African National Standards (SANS)
  • Promote quality in connection with commodities, products and services
  • Render conformity assessment services and assist in matters connected therewith.

TASS International supports the global automotive industry in the creation of safer and smarter vehicles and is known for its unique development methodology, offering a set of advanced simulation software tools, tailor made engineering solutions and state-of-the-art testing and certification facilities and services, with the aim to improve Integrated Safety systems of vehicles and boost the development of Highly Automated- and Connected Driving. TASS International helps to develop better products, increased speed-to-market and more robust and cost-effective development processes.

TASS International is a leading organisation and has a history of more than 25 years, employing 200 people in 11 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Helmond in The Netherlands it operates several laboratories, under which a unique facility for testing and validation of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Cooperative Driving technologies. Its software brands PreScanTM, Delft-TyreTM and MADYMOTM are familiar names to the OEMs and to suppliers in the automotive industry.