This unique product provides you with a superior service, designed to enhance your motoring experience by assisting you to make informed decisions so that you can significantly lower your motoring costs! Historically motorists have been taken advantage of, often as a result of their lack of technical expertise or vehicle knowledge. No more! Motor Expert is designed to give you instant access to your very own motor technician. Your personal Motor Expert will provide you with advice on quotes, mechanical issues, warranties and more.


Get advice on a quote or repair that you may not quite understand.
Better price and/or service negotiated on your behalf.
Advise you on whether costs or repairs are within recommended guidelines.
Tap into independent expertise and the power of collective bargaining.
Advice on where to service your car, get repairs done and more.
Define the differences between the various service plans and warranties.
Get technical advice on purchasing a vehicle.

Learn more about our subscription plans or explore the RoadSave Membership Handbook.

Terms & Limitations

  • Motor Expert shall operate only for the duration or period that the payment has successfully been received. 
  • The services provided by the Motor Expert Service are strictly and specifically limited to the list of services as detailed above. This list represents the full and complete list of services provided. Please note that no other services will be provided by the Motor Expert Service.  
  • Motor Expert is an Advisory or Action Service only. It is not a Resolution Service. Therefore, it is neither responsible nor liable for the resolution of any matters whatsoever. While every effort has been made to ensure that information/advice provided is correct – no responsibility will be accepted for negative consequences as a result of the taking of the advice offered. The final decision lies solely at the discretion of the member, and the Administrator will not be held responsible for any actions taken thereafter.
  • The Administrator will not arbitrate in any dispute relating to any matter between the member and any other party.   
  • In the event that Motor Expert is unable to provide advice on a specific matter, the Member may be referred to an appropriate institution/party believed to be equipped to provide advice to the Member. Motor Expert will not be held responsible or liable for any negative consequences that may arise out of such advice.  
  • The Member shall not assign any of his/her rights and obligations under this membership to any other party, save with the prior written consent of the Administrator and solely at our discretion. 
  • The Administrator shall have the right to assign all of the rights and obligations under this Service or to delegate all or some of their obligations or to cede all or some of its rights hereunder, but not to the detriment of the Member. 
  • There is no limitation to the number of times a Member may utilise the Motor Expert Service. Membership validity is reliant on successful payment.
  • The Administrator is not liable for any vehicle assessment costs for any assessment it may recommend. The cost of assessment is for the Member's account. 

Member's responsibility

  • The Member is responsible for the provision of accurate and truthful information to the Administrator when utilising the Motor Expert Service.
  • In matters that involve a Vehicle Manufacturer or Manufacturer-Franchised Dealer: It is important that the Member adheres to Manufacturer-recommended guidelines with regard to every aspect of the Vehicle, including, but not limited to:
    1. Service Requirements
    2. Vehicle Application, etc.
    3. Such adherence may increase the Member's chance of success in any matter in dispute. 
  • The Member must retain all applicable receipts and records in the event of any relevant matter that is referred to the Motor Expert for advice. These may be referred to in the specific matter, and in the event of a dispute, may increase the Member's chance of success.
  • The Administrator may deem it necessary to recommend an independent assessor to inspect the Member's vehicle to establish greater detail regarding a specific mechanical situation. It is the Member's responsibility to ensure that the applicable vehicle is made available for assessment. Please note that the cost of assessment is for the member's account. 


Please note: No responsibility will be accepted for negative consequences as a result of the taking of the advice offered by the independent assessor. The final decision lies solely at the discretion of the member, and the Administrator will not be held responsible for any actions taken thereafter.


Extra Vehicles

The Motor Expert Member is entitled to link 1 (one) additional vehicle to the Motor Expert Membership at no extra cost, provided:

  • The additional Vehicle also belongs to the Member, or
  • This Vehicle belongs to immediate family of the Member (e.g. Husband / Wife / Child / Parent).


[Note: Proof of Ownership of this additional Vehicle will be required to confirm whether the Family Membership benefit applies].