A mobile, armed response unit dispatched to wherever you are on the road. Use the in-app panic button to send an alert to our 24/7 emergency call centre, allowing us to locate and get to you as soon as possible.


We aim to arrive within 30 minutes, anywhere in South Africa. (arrival times can't be guaranteed)
Press the in-app panic button to an alert and your exact location to our emergency team.
Contact us anytime you feel unsafe on the road.

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Service Benefits

  • Clients have access to 2 incidents per annum;
  • Available 24/7/365;
  • Will dispatch the closest armed and uniformed security officer to the member’s location;
  • Security personnel are instructed ‘locate and secure’ the member until the roadside assistance provider arrives on scene.
  • If there is no Roadside Safety Service Provider available within a 40km radius of the member’s location, Europ Assistance will contact and dispatch the nearest police station.


Security Personnel

All security personnel hold current registration with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority);

In addition to PSIRA’s regulatory requirements, security personnel undergo an independent vetting process which takes into account criteria such as:

  • The officer’s physical attributes;
  • Education level;
  • Previous experience;
  • Personal qualities; and
  • Security clearance.



Services are available within a 40km radius of the all metropolitan areas with a response time of approximately 20 – 25 minutes. * Response times can not be guaranteed.


Terms and Conditions

  • The service is subject to the availability of a Roadside Safety Support vehicle at the time that the service is requested and is dispatched at the discretion of the Contact Centre Agent although priority is given to women, incidents that occur at night or dangerous areas.
  • Any incident cancelled after 20 minutes will be billed at the full rate and deducted from the member’s total available incidents.
  • Neither RoadSave nor its service provider can be held liable for any damage or injury sustained by the member while waiting for the Roadside Safety service provider to arrive.
  • Terms and conditions and subject to change.